News and Updates

Bora Update

The FlyLevelbot has been updated to support Bora.

Have fun with the new publisher. Good Luck :)

Remember: The Launcher requires Windows10 (Windows 7 is NOT Supported!)


Happy New Year!

Happy new Year everyone.

All bots got some minor improvements.

Have Fun!

Remember: The Launcher requires Windows10 (Windows 7 is NOT Supported!)

Micro Update
Short maintenance was completed.
Have Fun!

Remember: The Launcher requires Windows10 (Windows 7 is NOT Supported!)
FlyLevel Update
After todays patch the FlyLevelbot was not working for a few hours. It has been updated and works again.
Have Fun

Remember: The Launcher requires Windows10 (Windows 7 is NOT Supported!) move to BotCore has ended and the MZLauncher has been disabled.
All tools that were available on the old system will be added to BotCore soon.

Remember: The Launcher requires Windows10 (Windows 7 is NOT Supported!)
SEA Testing - FlyLevelbot available

As a lot of people are asking every day we will be offering a first version of the FlyLevelbot for the SEA Server.
It is currently an early version. It offers the same features as for the other Official servers. Please use this version carefully as I have not tested it for long. It works but any update could break it (could take some time to get it working again afterwards). We are working hard to get it fully stable.

EU/DE/FR/US: Fully Supported
SEA / PH : Not Supported (for help: Join Discord )


Have Fun and thanks for your support!

SEA Server - Be patient...

A lot of people have been asking about the SEA(PH) server. Currently we do have a small problem we are working on.To get our bot working we need to bypass EAC. So far so easy. BUT we currently only have a method which bypasses the EAC for all programs (e.g. people could use cheat engine as well). We are working on a method which only allows our bots to access the game with the EAC still active to prevent other people using hacks that harm the game. To make sure everyone has a good gaming experience you will have to wait some time until we will be activating the PH server. Bypassing the limit of 2 clients is planned but not our main goal at the moment.
Thanks for your patience.


New Launcher and Email Confimation

We deployed a new launcher to address a few issues. Please update your launcher and you will see that the launcher is now named loader. We also added the requirement to confirm your email address when registering.  Resetting passwords using your email address is working as well.


FlyLevel - Official PH Version

The Levelbot is expected to be compatible with the new Server. All tests have been successful so far.
The update will be released shortly after the start of the open beta.
The Bot also recieved a major update in the monster selection process which improves the performance and now there should not be any delay(even on low end computers).


Updating Launcher
The new Launcher will now automatically update itself.
The Launcher requires Windows10 (Windows 7 is NOT Supported!)
Levelbot/Launcher Update
The Levelbot got updated and now you need at least launcher v0.5 to use it. Just download it from the Download Section
Have Fun! Zerux
Awakebot Available and more...

Today we added the Awakebot to our new Botcore System. All other tools will be available soon.
The Ticket System has been improved. A few bugfixes were applied in the Launcher and more.
Have fun!

New Website
We are currently working on our new Website.
This is a first Prototype. Have fun!